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P. O. Box 68725
Virginia Beach, VA 23471
(800) 579-6675
(888) 286-6329 (FAX)

US $1.00 each

For AVONrepStock Loopers:
(Or any Avon Stockholders for that matter)
Buy Stock.gif (8267 bytes) A little history behind the button:
    A good friend of The Button Guy once remarked that she one day wanted to own enough Avon stock to have an opinion. In further conversation, we all decided that it would be a good thing to be able to get a Representative elected to the Avon Board of Directors, so that Avon Representatives could finally have a direct voice in corporate decision making. That is how we came up with "Don't Squawk, Buy Stock!"
    The 4% indirectly came from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Any individual who owns more that 5% of a publicly held company must register with the SEC. A 4% owner would not have to be registered with the SEC, but would probably have enough stock to get someone elected to the Avon Board of Directors.
    If a group of organized Avon Independent Sales Representatives owned at least 4% of Avon, they should be able to get a Rep elected to the board, and finally have a voice in Avon's future. In other words, Representatives would own enough stock to have an opinion.

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The Button Guy

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